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About our Company

Kevin Jacson Woodworker Finishing a Staircase


Our work has been featured in multiple publications: 

We specialize in building or rebuilding staircases, and restoring historic stairways back to perfection. We also build your dream custom made gourmet kitchen, fix or make new windows, and raise your rooms to a new level of elegance with hand made moldings and details. We take the time, and have the skills needed to complete your historic renovation project or to craft all the woodwork of your dream house.

Our Team

Kevin Jackson

Kevin started building ships when he was in his teens and has not stopped adding skills ever since. He gets energized with challenging projects, and enjoys meeting with owners at the end of each project to review all finished details. He loves sailing, and spending time with his family by the fireplace.

Kevin Jackson Architectual Woodworking John Moore Noka Agnew

John Moore

With over 30 years of experience, John started building ships with Kevin in his early twenties. When he is not in working you'll catch him scuba diving, sailing, socializing with friends and family, or enjoying the amazing Southern New England landscape.


Noka Agnew

Has been working at Kevin Jackson Co. for over 10 years. He loves peacefully crafting and feeling the wood transform while listening to amazing music.

Our Inspiration

"Los Cuatro Fantásticos"

Daniel, aka Mr. Hugs, loves all games, stomping in mud, math, reading, snorkeling, and building a fire.

Imani, or I'm So Conffussed, soccer and basketball extraordinaire who loves to tell jokes, playing Miles Davis on the bass, exploring fish in nature, and limp bacon.

Alba, or the Pirate Queen, has endless bundles of imagination and perseverance to build her thoughts, loves power tools, swimming, and is a powerful organizer.

RubyLa Magnífica, pink hair lady loves UVM, breakfast at diners, vintage shopping, and  traveling to exotic destinations. 

We are also inspired by Greene & Greene Architects, everything Bauhaus, and Catalan Modernism, particularly Antoni Gaudí.

Kevin Jackson Inspiration

Questions about the services we offer? Reach out to us today, we’re happy to help.

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