Historic Stairway Restoration Project in Boston

Restoring historical beauty and structure of stairway 

JP Stairway.JPG

The problem

Charred base compromises the structure.

JP Stairway 10.JPG


Recreating each step

JP Stairway 15.JPG

Finishing touches

Placing balusters. Almost finished.

More Project Photos

Finishing Staircase
Preservation carpentry
Building reliable stairway
Historic Home Restoration
parts preservation
Historic house
Building homes
Refinishing Banisters
Ornamental Elements Restoration

More Project Photos

Restoring structure of the stairway.
Restoring stairway structure
Building a reliable stairway
Restoring the structure
Installing each step
Restoring each step
Steps are ready.
Refinishing Balusters
Ornamental Elements Restoration

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